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November 2022..
Lagos, Nigeria

We’re in a deep mess!

Yes. You and I are in a deep mess and there’s no denying it.


It’s no news that we’re in a deep mess in this country.


We’re in a deep recession and it keeps getting worse.


Because the one that’s to come will be crazier.

According to the World Bank…

The coming years’ recession will be global.


So there’s nowhere you’re… you will be affected by this recession.


Now add Nigeria’s economic decline to it.


We are almost doomed.

Have you seen the recent dollar to Naira rate?

It’s crazy.

And the effect of this is the hike in the price of common goods.


Do you know the price of Garri right now compared to last year?


What about rice?






Even things as simple as toothpaste are getting crazily expensive. It’s no more easily accessible for the common man.

And we are being told it will be worse than before in the coming year.

But that’s not the end of it all…


What about the workers?


The salary earners? They were the king before, especially at the end of the month.
But now?

It's getting harder for them to buy things needed while relying on their salaries.

Many would have gone to take a lot of loans before the salary comes…And when it comes… it’s used to service loans. It keeps going in circles.


And as of November 2022 when I am writing this letter to you, the minimum wage is just 42 thousand Naira.


And a bag of rice is also 33 thousand Naira.


Now tell me, how will a whole family survive in this country?



And it’s gonna get harder according to what the IMF and World Bank are saying.

We can’t control it. You and I are not the government.

We can only find a way to wriggle out of it to make sure it doesn’t affect us.


And the only way?

Find an extra income.

Find something that will bring you money without relying on the Nigerian government or private entities.


Inflation is killing everyone.


Students stayed at home for over 8 months because of the government and ASUU strike.


Many had their life altered already.


And there’s no guarantee there won’t be a strike again in the coming years.


And the result of the strike is that students won’t find it easy to get jobs after school because job descriptions will be saying 24 years of age with 4 years of experience.


And if you’re a student affected by the just-called-off ASUU strike, you will definitely know what life after school is like after the 8 months at home.


It’s tough.

And here we are with more threats of a global recession.


It is now common knowledge that the government has failed us.


They don’t care about you and me.


All they care about is how to embezzle the little money flowing into the economy.

And that’s what they will keep doing.


That’s all they care about and not you or I.


The whole Nigerian system has failed us.

And it is time you realize that “no one can save you except YOU.”

Nobody owes you anything.


I realized this late in my life and I don’t want the same for you.


And saying this reminded me of my rough journey. I finished quite well in school with a 4.3 GPA.

But when I needed to go to NYSC and collect my transcript. My school said they misplaced my results.


Imagine the incompetence.


I couldn’t go to NYSC with my mates and I was so devastated.


I couldn’t do anything for a whole year and was sulking. They couldn’t find my result and I decided to find work without my certificate.


As you know, it was so tough. I was rejected everywhere because I have no results.

One man even told me:

“People that have results are finding it hard to get a job, talk more you that has no results.”

I took it to heart and cried.

I didn’t give up and I kept finding good jobs to prove the man wrong.

And I finally got a job with UBA as a contract worker.

I was paid just N30,000 monthly.


I live in Lagos and the expenses almost killed me.

I decided to find another job after some months because I need something better.

I applied a lot and it was hard as usual, especially for someone without a certificate.

I got a Jumia agent job and I was paid N42,000 monthly.

Kinda better than the former work.

I resumed and I realized how hellish it was. I leave my house as early as 5 Am (typical Lagos) and I work from 7:30 to 9 pm every day.


We pull all-nighters sometimes and I was always so tired. But I have no other choice this time, I need to keep going.


And one day while scrolling through Twitter, I saw a tweet from someone that changed my life.


This tweet came at the right time and it transformed my life. The information inside this tweet is the exact info I will show you on this page.


I’m pretty sure it will transform your life as it transformed mine.

But before I get into the information I discovered and also show you this information…
Let’s come to an even term.

This information is not for you if:

It’s not for you.


And I’m sorry I have raised your hopes high.


You can kindly exit this page now.

But if you’re still here and you are:

Just stick around because by the time you get to the end of this page… you would have discovered:

Hey there,

My name is Chigozie Mmebo.


I am an internet marketer that has made over 150 Million Naira in just 24 months with this tiny piece of information I want to show you.


This tiny information combined with the missing key I found has also gotten me access to things I could only dream of like:

A trip to Seychelles

A trip to Egypt

A trip to Dubai

Won A Muscle Camry.

Also won a Lexus ES350

I have also met with the top idols I would have never dreamt of meeting like Akin Alabi, Toyin Omotosho, Ronald Nzimora, etc.

But that’s not all.

This tiny information has also been passed down to my students and it has shown them the financial freedom they never imagined they could get.

An example is


Damola who worked with me at Jumia as an agent. I trained him but he quit before me because he got tired of the job.


He asked me what else I do apart from Jumia’s agent and I gave him that same tiny information.


He went to work with it and the results?


He moved into his apartment with the money he has made from this tiny information.


He got married to the love of his life in a glamorous wedding using the money he has made from this tiny information.

He has also been able to travel far and wide with this same tiny information.

Here’s a picture of me, Damola, and Margaret (I will be telling you about her in a moment) in Dubai.

And he’s not the only one.


Here’s Margaret who is also a beneficiary of this tiny information. She met me at the lowest point of her life.


She doesn’t have anything to do, a typical graduate with nothing other than the harsh world in front. She came crying and I gave her this same tiny information I want to give to you.


And the results? Over 10 Million Naira in just a few months of starting.

She was also in Dubai with me and Damola in the image I showed above.

And many more of them that I will be showing you later on this page.

But you will agree with me that this tiny piece of information I saw on Twitter that day is good news right?

Exactly. It’s good news that has gone on to change my life and 250 others. Infact, it’s good news that it will be changing your life very soon.


The question now is:


What is this good news that has been helping me and my students make a lot of money… and how does it work?


Now, let’s backtrack a little bit.


One thing I want you to realize is that…The day I discovered this tiny piece of information was the day my life changed.

The day my students discovered this tiny piece of information was the day their lives changed.

And I’m pretty sure your life will change today too if you follow everything I will be telling you about this tiny piece of information + my missing key today.

But before that… Remember I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw a tweet from someone I still respect today.


This tweet said: “Do you know there’s a way to make money online with just your smartphone?”


I was eagerly interested because my situation then was bad. It was during the lockdown.


We were asked to work from home as a jumia agent. And a lot of people were laid off.

Out of the 100 people in my department, they sacked 75.

The remaining 25 of us had a cut paycheck.


30% of our salary was slashed and we had to do more work.

So I was eagerly interested in the tweet I saw and I reached out to him then.

All I asked for then was just an extra N10,000 monthly to support my job then (during the lockdown)

He told me all about the information just like I would tell you very soon.


I got started with him immediately and in just 1 year…


I have made my first 1M.


I also got to resign from my job where I haven’t gotten a promotion after 3 years. I became financially free.


I have also gone on to become someone who can boast of over 150 Million Naira done in sales where over 70% of that is my pure profit.


And not only that, but I have also gone on to train some top folks in the internet world that has made a lot of money to achieve their lifelong goal like;

Just like Jubril who has made over 6 Million Naira in less than 6 months.

Or Abdullahi who went on to get a new phone after following this information.

Or Alade that got a new phone for his younger sister all from the money gotten from this same opportunity.

Or Thomas who made over N500,000 in just 4 months of implementing this opportunity.

Or Stephanie who was able to make over 1.5 Million Naira in just 7 months while still maintaining her 4.0 GP as a medical student.

Ejiro made over 5 Million Naira in less than a year.

And this same opportunity is what I am here to offer to you too.


The question is…


Will you take it or not?


Let’s see.


But firstly, what was the thing I was able to do on my smartphone and make so much money?

It’s called Affiliate marketing.


And yes, I know you might have heard about it before. Or maybe you are even part of those who think affiliate marketing is a scam.


Or you’re part of those people who think affiliate marketing is a Ponzi scheme. And you have decided to never have anything to do with it.


Well, this is fine. It’s your choice.

But according to Statista which is the biggest statistical website on the internet, the Affiliate marketing industry is worth over $17 Billion.

Tell me, would you want to leave that amount of money behind without taking your share?

I believe not.


And that’s why I will implore you to have an open mind and stay with me in the next few lines of this page.


Cool? Good. 


For the sake of clarity, let me break down affiliate marketing for you right on this page.


But before that, you need to know that affiliate marketing is not:

And what exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply recommending useful and helpful products to people who need them and can afford them.


It could be a digital or physical product.


An example is when your uncle wants to sell a car.


And then your friend wants to buy a car… you told him the spec of the car your uncle wants to sell and he said he’s interested.


You took him to your uncle and your uncle sold the car to your friend.


Your uncle will give you a cut as a thank you for helping him sell the car.’


And that cut is called a commission in the affiliate marketing industry.


It can be a 10%, 20%, or even 50% commission.


One more example?




If you use Piggy Vest or cowry wise to save.


There’s an affiliate link for you in your dashboard.


All you have to do is tell your friend about the platform and how awesome it is.


Then if your friend uses your link to register on the platform, then you will get a cut as a thank you for bringing your friend to use their platform.


Simple, yeah? Exactly

But it’s not always that easy, especially when you want to make a lot of money.

Your friends only can’t make you thousands and even millions of Naira just like this Ayomide who made over 3 Million Naira below

And this is because your friends are not that many to give a lot of commissions.


How then do you get a lot of people to buy from your affiliate link? This is where we make it better.


This is where a difference is made between affiliate marketers that make a lot of money and the ones that make a meager amount of money.


Instead of begging your friends and families to buy a product using your affiliate links, you will have to talk to strangers. But it’s not an easy thing to do.


I found it very hard too when I started.


I struggled and didn’t even make a dime in my first month.


In the 2nd month, I made just one sale after wasting a lot of money.


Then I started searching for the solution because I see others making a lot of money… Why not me?


And after a lot of trial and error.


I found it. The missing link.


The missing key.


The one that made me wait for 1 year to make my first 1M. The key that many affiliate marketers are looking for to make a lot of money.


I found the missing key and tried it… It took me from someone making a sale monthly into someone that makes a lot of sales in a week.


Like 5M in a week.

2M in a week.

And when I shared this missing key with my students…


They went wild with the results.


An example is 

Tony who won a redmi phone from a challenge using this missing key.

Teema made over N440,000 in just a week.

Busayo made her 3rd sale in just 2 days.

Christian made over N240,000 in a day using this missing key.

And right there and then, I knew I hit gold.


I knew this missing key will change the way my folks get results with affiliate marketing.


And this missing key is what I want to give to you on this page too.


So if you are:

I’m pretty sure this missing key will help you.

But there’s a problem I faced after discovering this missing key.


I’m sort of a perfectionist.


I like my things to be perfect and straight to the point.


So when I realized this missing key still takes at least 2 months for newbies to make their first sale.


I decided to make it better.


I want it to make you money fast if you follow everything I will say about it.


I want it to be the only thing you will need to start making a lot of money fast and very fast. So I worked more on this missing key…


I refined it, tweaked it, and even beat it until it was perfect. Now, instead of taking 60 days to make your first sale,

You can now take just 30 days or even less to make consistent sales.

Just like Egodi below.

And this means:

And I have packaged this refined missing key into



Yes, it’s not a course, unlike everything you have been seeing.
It is a 30 Days implementation program created to teach anyone how to make money by selling other people’s products online.
It is structured to ensure you make at least 250k within 30 days of following its training.

And just like Uzoma said, this program is all you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Everything is structured into this 30 days implementation program and all you have to do is pick one lesson per day.


Go through them and implement the lesson for the day


And just like Egodi below, you can also start making sales from the second day of the program.

And to decide if this will be a good fit for you, here are some parts of the program:


This is an interactive session where I explain a lot of things concerning your mindset.


I have seen a lot of nonsense in the online marketing world and what people are being taught is not right.


I don’t want you to fall victim to this type of mindset and this is why I made this the first part of the program.

And here are some of the things you will see in this part of the program:

And by the time you’re done with this part of the program… you will never encounter some mindset limitations again just like Emmanuel below.


Either you’re a newbie or an intermediate affiliate marketer…


You don’t want to miss this day because the definition and introduction I will be doing here will open your eyes to a lot of untold things.


You will get to realize what a lot of people don’t know which is making them misunderstand affiliate marketing.


And that’s not all…


I will also be revealing the untold definition of affiliate marketing that makes all the difference.


I will also talk about the types of affiliate marketing you can do and the best ones to do so you can make a lot of money.


I will also dive into the affiliate marketing networks you can use and how to get started on them


When you’re done with this part of the program, you’re all ready and geared up to start your journey.


Firstly…Product research is the steps you take in selecting a profitable product that you want to sell.


This is one of the biggest challenge people have when starting out their affiliate marketing business.


They don’t know what product to sell


They don’t know where to see them


And they don’t know how to sell them.


But the most important is not knowing how to research the product you sell.


And if you get this wrong, you won’t make any money from this.

This is why in this part of the program, i will be showing you:




A sales funnel is the process somebody passes through from being a stranger to becoming a buyer from you.


And as simple as this sounds, it’s pretty important to have it dialed in successfully or else… you will have a lot of problems with selling.


This is why I drilled deep into this section of the program so you don’t make any mistakes when doing yours

I will be showing you things like:


Your WhatsApp is a money-printing app… and that’s only if you know how to use it that way.


Now the question is…


How do you make your WhatsApp a money-printing app for you?

That’s why this part of the program is very important for you because I will be talking about things like:

And just like Uzoma, you will learn the hidden secrets to make money on Whatsapp.


When it comes to generating leads of people interested in the product you’re promoting…


You need a freebie (something free) to give them so they can buy from you later.


And this freebie is called a lead magnet.


But that’s not all, your lead magnet needs to tick some boxes before people will buy from you after getting it.


And this is what I will be focusing on in this part of the program.

That’s not all, I will also be showing you:


This is what separates great affiliate marketers from the others.


They understand copywriting.


And this is why I will be bringing one of my top students, Damola to show you copywriting and how he has been able to use it to make a lot of money for himself in the affiliate world.


He will be talking about:


Organic traffic simply means…


Generating leads (potential customers) without paying for them.


It’s totally FREE.


And this is the secret you would wish you have known before now.


And that’s why I won’t be saying anything much about it.


Just know that this organic traffic secret gave King an N100,000 in just 10 days. 


How about this secret also giving you such FREE money too?


This is the advanced level of affiliate marketing.


In case you want to automate your money-making in affiliate marketing without having to attend to people on WhatsApp every now and then…


Then this is for you.


I brought a top landing page designer called Ugoxx to show you how this works.

And he will be talking about:


Remember I talked about organic traffic secrets?


Well, this is just one section of the whole thing.


This section deals with generating organic traffic from Facebook without spending a dime.

And in this part of the program, I will be showing you:


I brought my coach Bruno to take this part of the program because he’s the person I call the king of content creation.


He has built over 80,000 followers on Twitter all through his content creation game.

I can’t ask for a better coach on this.

And he will be showing you:


Tiktok is a very underrated platform for generating tons of organic traffic.


I knew this when I met Christable on my trip to Seychelles. She made over 10M Naira selling to the leads she generated on Tiktok.


I was surprised and I knew I had to bring Christable to teach you how she did it.


So this part was done by Christabel who is the queen of Tiktok marketing.

And in this part of the program, Christabel reveals things like:

And that’s not all…


Just like you, my belief is that Linkedin is a professional platform that can be used by freelancers only.


Until I met Joseph who changed my views on Linkedin and used it to generate a lot of leads for whatever product you’re promoting.


And this is why I brought the Linkedin master to show us how things are done here.


His name is Inneh Jpseph.


This guy is a beast when it comes to generating tons of leads from Linkedin.


And yes, they’re FREE leads. So when I reached out to him and he said yes, I was so happy.

And that’s why he took over 2hrs to talk on:

And that’s not all.

Here are some more things Joseph talked about:


As much as this platform is full of banters and trolls, it’s still one of the best platforms to generate FREE leads for your business.




At least, I have built over 40,000 followers as of when I am writing this to you.

And more than half of these followers are free leads I generated on this platform.

This is why this part of the program will show you:


Influencer marketing is also called the collaboration with some top influencers.


It’s also the making use of influencers to sell or market whatever you sell.

And in this part of the program, I talked about:


People say WhatsApp group marketing doesn’t work again.


Many even say people are now wise and won’t take your offer again.


And while this is true, it can still be bypassed. You can still host a WhatsApp group class and make at least 200k per training.

And this is why in this part of the program, I will be showing you:


I know I have talked about organic traffic and how you don’t need to run ads to make money.


But there’s always a limit to FREE stuff.


The millions of Naira you want to make can rarely be made with organic traffic.


And in as much as you have made a lot of money with organic traffic, why not skyrocket your earnings by running ads?




And that’s why I brought my Facebook and Instagram advert expert to show you how it’s done.


His name is Toheeb Yusuf and he’s the top ad expert that a lot of affiliate marketers are looking for right now.


This is why I brought him on point and he went ahead to break down Facebook advertisements in a 2 part video.

He will be showing you:

But that’s not all, he also went into the Facebook advert dashboard to show us practical things like

And he still went ahead to show:


This is the top-tier way of automating your affiliate marketing business.


You just have to do the work once and it will keep generating money for you on steroids.


But a lot of people don’t know how to set it up and they have problems making money from email marketing.


You will hear them say email marketing is dead.

But that’s a big lie and that’s why in this part of the program, I will be showing you:


This is the money ritual of affiliate marketing.


I said so because it brings you money faster than thunderbolts.


Instead of waiting to nurture new leads and hoping they buy eventually… webinar makes it faster.


It helps them make buying decision fast and help them buy fast too.


But there’s a problem. A lot of people don’t know how to host a converting webinar.


Either people won’t show up to their webinars or they can’t convert people.

And this is why in this part of the program, I will show you:


There are a lot of things you can sell on the internet as an affiliate marketer without even selling a single affiliate product.


I have students around me that make between N500,000 to N750,000 monthly without selling any affiliate product.


And in this part of the course, I will show you these income sources without stress.


By the time you go through this 13 minutes video, I’m sure you would have seen something you can do alongside affiliate marketing that can bring you more money.


Making money in Naira is awesome and fine, but what about making money in dollars?


More awesome.


And this is why I brought my boss to teach you how to make money in dollars as an affiliate marketer.


He has made over $50,000 doing affiliate marketing and getting paid in dollars.


His name is professor erudite and he went deep into an affiliate marketing platform called Warrior plus.

They pay in dollars and he showed:

That’s not all, he also went ahead to add a document containing the traffic sources he uses that are making him a lot of money.

And like I said earlier, I am only giving you a peep into the outline of this program and this is just a fraction of everything inside this program.


This program covers deeper things that I don’t even want to mention here so as not to attract the lazy ones.


Now, I know the question you have is:

How much to enroll in the 30 Days FIC program?

I will tell you in a moment how you can easily get in with a price that can only be found here on this page.


But you will agree with me that with everything inside the 30 Days FIC program…

Paying N200,000 is a good deal yeah?



And to even make it a good deal for you if you get the 30 days FIC program today…

I want to give you 6 huge bonuses that will pay for themselves within a week of studying and implementing what’s in the bonus.

Yes, I know that’s a huge promise but it’s a fact.


These bonuses are worth more than any price I will be placing on them.


And I think the handwriting on the wall is saying…

The bonuses are not cheap and they are damn valuable so you have to take them seriously to help you on your affiliate marketing journey.


And here you go


This is the creme la creme of my WhatsApp system because it’s more like me giving you everything I have been using to make money.


All you have to do is generate traffic by following everything inside the 30 Days FIC program. Put them into a WhatsApp group.


Use my WhatsApp class script.


And expect money and sales because it’s a proven script.


This is worth N35,000 but you’re getting it for FREE if you get into the 30 days FIC today.


I’m not only restricting you to just 7 figures earnings. I want you to make a lot of money up to the 8 and 9 figures level just like me.


And this is why I will give you my 8-figure automatic scale-up framework. This is the same framework I have used…


It’s also the same framework my students have used to reach 8 figures and beyond.


So if you’re an affiliate marketer struggling to reach your 8 figures month…


Or you’re just a newbie affiliate marketer…


This framework will help you speed up your results.

Just like Kevwe, all she had to do is follow this framework to hit her first 7 figures and she will keep doing more from there.

Here’s also Margaret who hit her first 8 figures in less than a year of following this guide.

It’s worth N75,000 but you’re getting it for FREE today.

Just like xx here, you will be able to make your first sale after going through this bonus guide.


This is for you if you’re a newbie finding it pretty hard to make your first sale.


You see, the hardest part of anything is getting that first win.


If you gt that win, you will be gingered to get more wins.


But this first win can be pretty hard to get. And that’s why making your first sake is a daunting task for newbie affiliate marketers.

But if you follow everything I outlined in this bonus guide, you will find:

This is worth N22,000 but you’re getting it for FREE today.


Instead of having to spend a lot of money paying graphics designers to help you create stunning designs…


What if you can learn it by yourself?


And that’s not all…


Sometimes, you will have a design concept in your head and your designer won’t probably get it the way you want…

What if you can easily just create your concept by yourself?

Exactly what this bonus will help you achieve.



And you will also get some design templates that you only need to plug and play for any product you will be promoting.

This is worth N11,000 but you’re getting it for free today.


This is for anybody that finds it hard to make money on WhatsApp.

It doesn’t matter because this bonus material will show you exactly what to do to overcome any problem you have with selling on WhatsApp.

And it guarantees you money in the first 7 days.

This is worth N29,000 but you're getting it for FREE today.

Just like Adeoye, he implemented everything inside this bonus guide and he made his first sale in under 7 days.


Yes, I made everything in this program and the bonuses so simple that even a 10-year-old kid will understand without asking his teacher.


But I know you will have a few questions here and there along your journey…


And you’ll want to interact with like-minded affiliate marketers too… either expert or newbie affiliates.


That’s why I created this FIC community,


So as you go through the program,


If you have any questions, or you need guidance at any point… Just send a message to the community.


And either I or one of my experienced students will give you a detailed answer.


But that’s not all. We also hop on calls sometimes to show you the new strategies and how it works.


I also show you what I’m working on that’s bringing me money.


I also show the products you should promote that will bring you more money.

And you get access to this community all for FREE if you get the 30 Days FIC today even though the community is worth N50,000.

Just like Uche below, he made a sale after following the product I told them to promote in just 24hrs.

Now, I understand you might have some concerns when it comes to affiliate marketing.

I understand that and I will say they are valid concerns.


And the only way to ease all your concerns about the affiliate marketing industry is to try it with the right guidance.

All these have been packaged into the 30 days FIC program.

And just like Margaret said below, it’s the go-to program to make money online.

You can get started with this program today and here’s how to lay your hands on it.


As you know right now that inflation isn’t waiting for anyone.


Everything keeps going higher every day.


What you bought at 100 Naira last week can be N150 today.


And it’s not only inflation.


The global recession too is coming and it will affect you and me. And earning extra income is what will make you stay afloat with all these troubles.

This will in turn:

And if I am to ask you…

How much does all this worth to you?

To me, it’s priceless.

Especially when you consider you are getting:

The total price is N422,000.

But you won’t be paying anything near that price today.


You will agree with me that paying N211,000 which is just 50% of the total price for lifetime access is a good bargain for this program.


Especially if you see the results it has generated for others like:

Vera made over 1.5M in less than a year in the game.

Or Ayomide who made over N300,000 in just a few months.

Or Mykael who hit N500,000 in pure commission in just 30 days.

You will agree with me that paying N211,500 for the 30 Days FIC program is justifiable.


But you won’t be paying anything near that price today either.


How much do you think you should pay for this?










Well, you won’t be paying that price either today.


Because of what has been happening in Nigeria these days.


And because there’s really no time to waste making buying decisions (because the global recession is nearer than you think)


I want to make it easy and hassle-free for you to also make money with Affiliate marketing.


And because you are reading this right now… I have agreed with my team to give you a lesser price today.


All you have to pay is just…

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